Community Homeschool Coop

Children Are Like Flowers ~ Watch Them Blossom
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About Us

The Community Homeschool Coop is truly unique in its approach to homeschooling. It is Montessori-aligned with a unique child-centered approach to learning, designed for homeschooling parents who choose to teach their child(ren) from home or in a small community “hive”, and offers ongoing support from other like-minded parents from around the world.

Let’s See If We’re a Fit

Do you want to check options to see if Community Homeschooling could work for you?

Your Family. Your Community. Your Values.

No one cares about the future of your family more than YOU! Feel empowered to step into your role as SUPER PARENT and let your children show how best to watch them thrive! They’ll lead you in the best way for them to learn.

Real Life Curriculum



Fun Art & Music

Problem Solving

Combine Resources

Pooling supplies and items on-hand with coop parents is a great cost-effective solution.

Flexible Learning

You know your child(ren). Combining learning environments with other participating coop parents will enable smooth-flowing child-directed learning schedules that are easily adaptable and flexible.

Combine Field Trips

Planning with other coop parents for fun and educational outings can make field trips and adventure planning memory-making experiences your whole family will enjoy.

Small Home Social Environment

Enjoying the benefit of love-filled homes with other coop parents involved in YOUR specific community location, you can decide each home’s schedule for the week/month.

Plan, Believe, Envision, Expand

Coop parents get to decide and communicate with each other to make a PLAN!

Starting with a BELIEF in the outcome of learning desired for your children, it’s simple to ENVISION the experience you want your child(ren) to gain.

When you have your roadmap in place, implement the steps formulated and stay flexible, you’ll naturally EXPAND your inner qualities and notice how YOU’VE grown into the SUPER PARENT you always dreamed of being.