Oregon Community Association

Our Strategic Future

Oregon residents providing help FOR the people BY the people.

Association Director

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Heart-Centered, Experienced Director

Project Designers

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Heart-Centered, Experienced Project Designer 

Comm{unity} Liason Director

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Heart-Centered, Experienced Liason 

our vision

The Oregon Community Association seeks to address community priorities through a collective impact approach to positively affect the quality of life for the people in the state of Oregon.

Our upcoming team private initiatives include, but are not limited to:


Family & Community Homeschool Options

Family is an important pillar of each community, the safe haven for every child, and the place where foundational values are formed for a healthy and thriving society. 


The Environment

Oregon Community Association will be working with communities to propose private project initiatives to restore the environment to less polluted air, water and soil.


Holistic Health & Wellness

Understanding how our body works, we are establishing innovative health modalities that are integrating not only proper nutrition and holistic techniques, but also love, empathy, and heart-centered care for everyone.


Organic Farming

We are connecting with farmers, suppliers, retailers, and evaluating new technologies to provide access to the best quality and nutritious food for all. We believe humans are powerful beings who can create and live in abundance and harmony with nature. 


Our Aging and Disabled

Housing, Caregiver Assistance, Temporary and Long Term Care and Heart-Centered Comm{unity} converge to blend and enrich the lives of our most fragile and treasured population.


Veterans and Displaced

We prioritize our veterans with an important function in society showing the honor they so highly deserve. From the thriving to the less fortunate in our comm{unity}, Oregon will be known by the love and care exhibited to all; regardless of race, creed, status, or gender.


Local Merchant Support

We encourage and support our local merchants to keep the focus on our state economy and healthy business pride.


Comm{unity} Music Theatres

Musical Theatre fosters social awareness through exposure to social issues, literature, events and cultures providing deeper understanding and emotional expression to benefit our society.


Inventors, Scientists, Adv Tech

Inventors and innovators need environments that inspire them to explore and create. Oregon Community Association will encourage those residents to live and work as part of communities so that their creations solve local, regional, and global challenges.

from projects-to-results

The dream and vision of Oregon Community Association centers around the people who call Oregon “home”. We are committed to remind, rebuild, and respect each person and bring talents, skills, and expertise to the forefront to better our beautiful communities. 

The most important factor we will highlight is to uphold the hope in our humanity with strong spirits to unify and create the environment of health and happiness we all desire.


“How Pocket Hoods behaving like villages boost wellbeing

From agile neighborhoods for veterans or the unhoused to pocket hoods for Portlanders, the dozens of co-housing villages designed by Mark Lakeman are nationally recognized and in demand.

“All my work, and all the permaculture, comes under an overall unifying heading. That is ReVillaging, you might say,” he explained.